Letter 4/1/2013

Hola Familia! Wow so what a hectic week! Elder Hernandez and I (the grandpa companionship of the mission), have been super busy but it looks like its going to be paying off... This week we have planned 2 baptisms after general conference! Its going to be Alejandra and her son Carlos. Feels pretty good to be honest and its been extremely great to see them progress through the gospel. For example shes been reading the Gospel Principals book to catch up and loves it. She reads the book of Mormon at work and has a strong testimony of it. And she said she cant wait to see the prophet on tv this saturday and sunday. Everyone at church really loves her too so thats probably the best part. She fits right in with the ward. Also, tomorrow and Wednesday i have to go on divisions(splits) with my district. Tomorrow i head out to the small mission branch in a tiny town called "Tepatitlan"... then after that, from there i go straight to "Reforma" which is in Guadalajara... and then hopefully Thursday ill be back in my area again. Also they announced that all missionaries can write their friends... Which is good, so now i don't feel like I've been sinning my whole mission hahahaha... Honestly things are going good... Elder Hernandez is a super awesome guy and to be honest, the experience in the mission really shows, and its nice having a companion with time in the mission. For example yesterday we were teaching a family that is just super distracted and everyone and just super disrespectful, and we got there and seriously, with power and authority taught them and changed their family. And the dad that never wants to listen to us, listened. Along with their sons... hopefully they'll have a baptismal date for this upcoming 27th... also... in some sad news. We went to go visit Gabi, and she basically broke up with us. She said that she wasnt going to change and that she knew god was in all places... She told us she could find him wherever... I just stared at her wanting to cry, (dont worry i didnt.........until i got home).... and told her "Gaby, why would god give you a commandment to go to his church if hes everywhere?"... she didnt answer... then i said "gaby, on sundays god will be here in your house... waiting for you to come to church to truly worship him. We`ll be waiting for you there too"... Honestly... it was super sad, but i know why. Its just all the pressure from her family and to be honest, maybe that was our mistake. Not just talking with her family, only focusing on Gabi. Anyways... still a little sad about that, but hopefully one day shell come around. A lot of good experiences this week, and hopefully this week will be interesting as well... I love you all and en poco tiempo ill see you all soon! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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