Letter 4/9/2013

Wow what a great and crazy week that just passed. Honestly, It just flew by and to be honest i thought it was great. First off this week the President sent me on splits with Elder Tucker on Tuesday and then to Reforma with an Elder Hippard on Wednesday. Back to back splits... fun stuff... To describe Tepatitlan, (where i went with Elder Tucker), it reminded me of a scripture, "a city thats set on a hill cannot be hid...), and Tepatitlan is basically a town set on top of about 40 million giant hills that cant be hid. Its about an hour and a half from GDL, and honestly its a very pretty colonial place. Just one problem... They have no investigators. All they had were a few people that werent really progressing and a lady that has been talking to the missionaries for 30 YEARS!!! No lie... 30 years... So i helped out Elder Tucker, we mad him a plan and hopefully this week theyll find some news. Back in good ole Guadalajara i went with Elder Hippard and he seemed a little down about his area. After describing to him how Elder Tuckers area was, he immeadietly cheered up and we got to work. We put some baptismal dates and looks like he`ll be baptizing a couple people this month. Apart from that dont worry, i did get 2 "half days" or if we look at it like that 1 full day to work in my area this week because of splits and conference, but we still did end up baptizing. We baptized Alejandra and her son Carlos. Definitely a miracle with them, she contacted us in the street when i first got to this area, and now shes just completely changed her life around. Honestly, she doesnt drink, smoke or use a bunch of profantiy so she really is a good convert. We baptized her after the 1st session of conference on Saturday and honestly it was a really good baptism. One other guy was also baptized from another ward, but what made it really special was that after the baptism she couldnt help but just tell everyone what a change she had felt and what a great decision it was for her to do it. I guess though with every baptism there is a little opposition in all things and in this one we had invited a lot of people and only a few were there. The bishop nor any of his counselors were there and the stake presidente said we couldnt baptize because of that. I called the bishop and all he said was "sorry" and to "call his counselor" who also gave us the same response. It shouldnt have been a shock to anyone, so i called my connections, (President Camarillo), who said that hes the one that holds the keys to a baptism and to go through with it... So thats what we did. The bishop was a little mad, but i think he also knew that he had messed up so then he had a good attitude afterward. Just a little bit of drama right before the baptism though... Anyways that was a really good conference. Honestly this whole week has all around made me a better person. Jeffery R. Holland, (of course) gave a wonderful talk about "real faith", and Presidente Monson also gave a great talk about obedience and the security we get from following ALL the rules. All around a great conference... Cant help but feel like with almost every talk talking about missionary work and marriage this conference was aimed at me... hahaha Also i got my package from the young women of the ward. Honestly i loved the message that it came with. I love messages about the ressurection (forgot how to spell it in english), and to be honest, the very last part where it says "He is not here, He is risen like he said" made a big impact on me. So make sure to tell the Young Women thanks, and that as a missionary, it helped me a lot to look at Christs last week as a real blessing for me. So a big thank you to them. And a big thank you to my little sisters, who have gotten so good at writing. It was nice that both of them could remind me that they are my little sisters. As you all know, sometimes im a little forgetful :P But honestly thanks and i love you all... Hopefully ill be able to see a few more miracles here in this area, and hopefully you all will be able to as well.. Les amo mucho y espero que sigan fieles a las palabras del profeta. Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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