Letter 3/25/2013

Familia Mia, Muy buenas tardes y honestly time is just flying by... I cant believe it... 19 months yesterday... Hahaha and the funniest part is, my companion has 22 months so we are officially the oldest companionship in the mission... (and the most experienced)... The best part is, that it really does show... We had a awesome week this week and we've both decided to leave it all on the field these next few months. Honestly, I don't even have time to give up, i have to travel back and forth doing baptismal interviews, this next week, we are probably going to have 1 - 3 baptisms and I'm going to be going on division splits almost this entire week... hahaha... just thinking about it gets me excited... Honestly, all is going well right now... Yesterday we had 4 investigators in church, and 2 of them, (Alejandra and her son Carlos) came to sacrament meeting late. I was a little worried for the first part of the meeting, but when she got there i asked her what had happened and she told me that little daughter threw up on the bus so the bus driver kicked them off, so she decided not to go back to the house because she said she had "waited too long for the opportunity to go to church" so she showed up... I promised her that her daughter would feel better and she was a little apprehensive at first but then after seeing that her daughter was enjoying primary she stopped worrying... she loved gospel principals and relief society and reminded me after church about her baptism the 6th of April... Apart from that, the gift of tongues was really in play this past week... We have a new investigator Raul, who was hit by a drunk driver 7 years ago while he was on his motorcycle and left him literally speechless... On top of that they gave him a permanent tracheotomy so all that comes out when he talks are just clicks, but his mouth still makes the motions of Spanish words, and i kid you not, i understand everything! Hes a great guy and honestly i see a lot of potential with him, and his son... hopefully they'll come to church this next week... To be honest... we've just had a lot of the Lords help these past few weeks and to be honest I could not be more grateful to Him... Its keeping me going, and to be honest, I'm still just as excited as when I first started my mission... I still have a lot of time left and I'm not going to waste it... I love you all a ton and hope all is well there... Its nice to see a lot of letters from everyone on Mondays, keeps me excited :) Les amo mucho y espero que esten bien! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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