Letter 3/18/2013

Familia! Wow so another week has passed by and to be honest, it was a little crazy. This week we had some awesome lessons with our awesome investigators Hannah and Athenas and to be honest i know they are so going to be baptized. Hopefully within 2 weeks (around conference time) they should be baptized. They just love the gospel and its so great to see them just enjoying everything about the church. They really will be some super awesome converts. Also... big news... Elder Poston had changes and got sent to Zamora and now my new companion is Elder Hernandez. (I know, a name youd never think you see in mexico....not....).... Anyways he goes home in 2 changes, so im beginning to think that ill be the one here when he goes home and after he goes ill only have 2 changes.... weird to think... It was great though, this past week we had a lesson about the Plan of Salvation with Hannah and Athenas and it really hit me while we were going through it how prepared they really were... They understood everything, the spirit was really strong and just to be honest, i saw how knowing where we were going after this life changed everything for them... We also had 146 people in sacrament meeting this past week.... I couldnt believe how many less actives were in church this past week... Ive been focusing on reminding them about why they were converted in the first place and helping them gain a testimony about the book of mormon. We talked to one kid name Isaac told us about his conversion and just started crying... He has about 1 year inactive and all we could talk to him about was repentance and the spirit was very strong... It really is helping me a lot with my own testimony. I feel so much different than before... I honestly feel spiritual, and every little thing that isnt in harmony with the gospel just makes me feel... less spiritual, and i cant ever say that ive felt like this before... Itll be nice to be home one day, but the changes in me are very clear... The more intune i become with the spirit the more of a sinner i feel like... hahaha i know it doesnt make any sense, but i understand that the lord is really becoming closer to me... i love it... I love you all so much and pray everynight for you all individually... I miss you but this time really is the best time of my life... Elder Jacob Mckie just went home, (honestly my best friend on the mission), and also Elder Bradshaw, and it kinda hit me how close i was... But Elder Bradshaw did say something that hit me pretty hard... He said "both Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith both gave their most powerful sermons at the end", and I know thats what ill do too... Les amo y en poco tiempo, nos veremos! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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