Letter 2/4/2013

Hola Familia y los demás! Wow, so first full week back to working and i definitely hit the ground rolling... We put and now have a total of 9 baptisimal dates for the following 5 weeks... I think i my pride really hit me hard those first few days and i couldnt help but wonder why i had been put in this area, but that night i was listening to a few talks and one of which was "beware of pride" by Ezra Taft Benson and it really hit me hard saying that i needed to humble myself and not question the lord but rather... work.... so thats what we did.... we worked... I figure the words of joseph smith are very true, that "cuando el Señor to lo mande, HAZLO!", or something along the lines of "when the lord asks you to do something... do it!".... If the lords sending me here, im going to make the best of it... So this past week, (ive met a lot of people), but one in particular is a girl named Gabby, who has a little boy thats 9 years old. We had our first lesson with her and the spirit was really strong, to be honest, she was so focused and you could tell that it was just speaking to her heart, and i said "Gabby, can you feel that, its the spirit and its the lord calling you to his fold, will you be baptized the second of March?".... she just stared at me and said "oh wow... well... yes... Im sure everyone has a lot of doubts at the beginning, but it just seems right to me... so.... yes"... Such a great moment... honestly... thats what the mission is all about... Ive met the bishop... super great guy... really loving and just wants to see his ward really progress... He gave us a list of all the members in the ward... there are 82 active members, and 385 inactives.... hahaha looks like ive got some work to do... After he told me that, we went to work finding all the less actives, and thats how weve actually found a lot of our investigators... This sunday we had 8 inactives in church for the first time in a long time... felt pretty good... Also last night, out of pure chance we came into contact with an ex-bishop who is inactive... As i listened to why he inactivated i couldnt help but just feel sad for him. He talked about all the time he gave up and the sacrifices he made to be bishop and how much he enjoyed serving people, but that members of the church had done him wrong and that he couldnt look at the church the same after them... After explaining to him that the doctrine was true and that the members were the problem, he still couldnt get that, and that was the same night when i heard the beware of pride talk, that talked about how some members just cant come back because they were offended and their pride wont let them... and thats basically what happened to this man... Well, ill pass his name along to the bishop, and hopefully, as part of his keyes, he can promise blessings to this brother in his ward... Well i love you all... 6 months and counting now, which means.... i still got time to work.. :) Con mucho amor, élder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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