Letter 2/11/2013

Hola Familia!

Wow time is just flying past... Maybe it didnt hit me as hard until i just realized that i only have about a quarter of my mission left. I just have to keep trucking and hope all my clothes hold out until the end :P 

Well this past week i was a little sad... one of our baptisms fell through, but the good news is, we are hoping now she will be baptized this week. Its a girl named Jessi, who is 11 and just keeps asking us when she can be baptized. Her mom just wanted her to make sure that she new everything and i agreed with her. So weve gone over and have been going over everything with her, now all we need is a small miracle so itll happen this weekend... and the following will be the baptism of Mari, who didnt get married this past week, but hoperfully this week will...

Also, we just found some new investigators from all the less actives weve been visiting... Btw, we normally have about 82 people in church on regular sundays, and this past week we had 133!.... It wasnt even anything special for sunday, but now we are finally now just able to see the blessing from all the work weve been doing....

Anyways, so its starting to look like hopefully if all goes to plan we are going to have a few weeks in a row baptizing every week again, so keep that in your prayers... hahaha ive definetly got it in mine!

Well apart from all that, Elder Poston is a really funny guy.... Today we were on a bus coming home from Walmart when he accidently dropped his bus ticket onto a guys head. The worst part is he had a bald spot and dropped it right into the middle and when he tried to flick it off, missed and hit the guys hair and the guy just glared at him for a second, the went back to looking straight... He went for it again, but the bus was moving so much he just had to leave it.... Well as the guy was leaving the bus everyone was just looking at him, but he just ignored everyone and got off... for all we know he probably still has it in his hair, but oh well... 

Also yesterday i gave a talk in church... Yeah... i know... the bishop was kind enough to call me at 11pm on saturday night, saying that at 9 am i would be speaking... Hahaha well i wrote out a pretty good talk and it was awesome because a lot of people were there and all really enjoyed my talk.... Btw, i pretty much have mexican humor down, and they thought that was great too...anyways, after the talk everyone was coming up to me telling how great it was and how they wanted to change their lives so that felt really good to be honest...

Not much else has been going on... hahaha honestly, Tonalá is just the biggest dustbowl there has got to be in mexico... I have no idea why so many people all fight over this place... Last night, (haha and like every day) there was a gunfight, and like normal all the cholos won against the police... wow... its embarassing... The police are all scared here and never want to really even leave their police compound... Lucky for me i live in a gated community, and the biggest problem there is us not watering or cutting our grass...

Well i love you all so much and thanks for keeping me in your prayers... i hope you are all well.... and umm... see ya in about 6 months :)

Con mucho amor,

Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

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Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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