Letter 2/18/2013

Hola familia y todos!

Well, life is going good... Kind of a disappointing week. It started off with a lot of potencial, we had a baptism planned for Jessy this past week, but by the time we got ready to have it, we went over to her house to check and see how things were going, and her brother Memo wasnt there.... Well, when i saw that her ex-missionary brother wasnt there i knew that was a red flag... and then worse than that jessy´s mom looked pretty bad... Well, we cancelled the baptism until this upcoming saturday, so we´re pretty excited about that.... still just a little disappointing it didnt happen this past week but oh well...

Anyways so this week looks like theres a lot of potencial... We have a baptism planned this friday night, and it should be super awesome! I kind of chewed out the ward in a talk for not wanting to help in missionary work, and then afterwards everyone came up to me asking what they could do to help, and the ward is now really involved with the baptism of Mary this upcoming friday... The members got together and told her that they were all going to be there and they even hired a catering group to make a food called "birria"... super good... its like a goat soup... dont judge... anyways... thats friday, and now Saturday we also have planned the baptism of Jessy and almost the majority of her family arent members so we are inviting them to be there this saturday... should be a good week but we´ll see...

Also weve been working on reactivating the youth of the ward because they are almost ALL basically inactive... We went with one named carlos, and hasnt gone to church now in about 5 years, and he finally did this Sunday and just loved it... I couldnt help but just feel super happy for him, and i knew thats about how god felt knowing that Carlos was enjoying being back in the church, It really has been nice helping inactives come back to church now for like the first time in years.... feels good...

To be honest not much else is going on, baptismal dates keep falling though and then reapparing so we´ll just have to see what ends up happening to this area...

Well i love you all a ton and hope everyones doing good, before i write my next letter ill officially have been in the mission for 18 months.... hahaha i think i feel old now...

Con mucho amor, y que estén bien!

Elder Smitheram


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