Letter 2/25/2013

Familia! y los demas!
Wow... so kind of a tuff week, but the good news is, it was all worth it in the end, we had another baptism and it felt pretty good... to be honest, Jessy was super excited and we also had about 5 investigators there at the baptism, and we are hoping that all of them can get baptized this month, but we`ll have to see... But anyways, Memo, Jessys brother baptized her and it was just a very spiritual baptism... Kinda cool, because i got to play the piano and sing at the same time, i felt like the white stevey wonder, singing Cuando yo me bautice....
Apart from that weve had at the same time a tough week... we had a lady ready to be baptized this weekend and fell though because her and her "husband" didnt get married and had some problems.... so we put her on the back burner for right now and we`re focusing on some other people in the meantime...
Also... Its getting closer to summer, i can feel it, and to be honest, it feels like the sun is super close to the earth right now because all day long i feel like im burning... hahaha i definetly now feel like a mexican... i think its freezing if it hit 65º and if its over 85º im dying... hahaha and riding in the hot mexican buses without AC is a killer too.... Not to mention i havent seen or heard of an airconditioner in 18 months but whatever...
Btw, i hit the big 18 and wow it feels really crazy! Everyone now calls me grandpa, how sad is that? But its alright, ill be back home enjoying regular candy and rootbeer before they can so its all good....

Also, this week there was a huge dust storm that out of nowhere just about caught us... its crazy... honestly this place is so dusty that if you get caught in one you cant breathe and you just have to run to some cover because its that bad... I think im going to change the name of the area again, but this time to "afganistan"....
Well i love you all a ton and thanks for all the letters!
Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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