Letter 1/3/2013

Hola Familia! Well another crazy week has happened and some good and bad news as well... I just got my replacement here in the offices. So i guess i kinda am sad to leave, but it will be super awesome to get back out into the field again. The good news is, im pretty sure you all know who it is. Its Kevin Lucas! He is the cousin of the Robinsons from when we lived in Texas. I used to play church ball with him and hes in the Barton Creek ward with Ty Deitmer. Anyways, so thats the exciting news. Still not quite sure what i think, but ill be out of the offices the 28th of January for sure, and ill have 7 months out in the field to do my best. Also, still a little bit in shock about all that went down with Tanner. Kinda crazy, but the good news is, everyones alright and hes not in jail, so lets look at it as a blessing. What else, umm, our baptism fell through with Daniel. We were all pretty sad, we have another appointment with him tomorrow night, but he said he wanted to just go serve people over the holiday break, so he went to some little village and gave them a bunch of stuff to eat and clothes and things like that. So at least he was doing something good, the only problem is, most of the time, hes very unpredictable, so we can never just put a date to get baptized, hes just got to do it... Also, im officially one of the oldies in the mission right now. Its kinda crazy to think, but i talked with the president and he asked me what id like to do and i told him id like to train someone. So well have to see though. He said he has to wait to see what the lord says, but he'd take my suggestion... Well i miss you all so much and hope everyone is doing good. Time is just flying by right now, and hope it is for you all as well... Say your prayers and choose the right! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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