Letter 12/20/2012

Hola Familia! Wow... so another super spiritual week gone by.... I cant believe its almost already christmas too... Here its not too big of a deal to put christmas lights up, (or anything for that matter because it all gets stolen), so you tend to forget its that season. But it has been nice to see that the members here in the ward are all looking for ways to serve other members. Lately ive been trying something new, and just really looking for ways to serve the people here, and i finally got the opportunity given to me by a sister yesterday. Today we are going to go help here move houses. I just thought it was interesting that in the christmas devotional Dieter F. Uchtdorf talked about how we need to be "good recievers" and give other people the opportunity to receive joy and blessings. Maybe i havent been the best receiver, and maybe thats why also other people are good receivers either... But the good news is, things are changing little by little. Anyways, this week we had a lesson with Daniel, hes one of our investigators who speaks perfect english and all of our lessons are in Spanglish... I did this week see true revelation come and i saw that doctrine and covenants 84:85 was proven true. We were talking about the priesthood and what its necessary to be baptized by someone with this authority, and i explained thats why Jesus went with John the baptist not Pablo the taco salesman. And he asked me at that moment, how and from who then did John get his power... My companion freaked out and just looked at me, and i just kept looking at Daniel, and i couldnt help but think... What a great question... Then the answer came to me... I opened up in Luke 1:5, and 9 where it talks about Zacharias being a priest, clearly meaning he had the priesthood to be able to work in the temple, and thus John his son had the same power coming from the same tribe... Something i had never thought of before, but through revelation, in that moment i saw that god blessed me with the ability to answer his question and move him one step closer to baptism... Needless to say, everyone in the lesson was in shock after the answer, (including myself), and daniel accepted a baptismal invation for the next week... Now that i think of it, i really have been seeing a lot of different miracles lately... A lot of inactive or less active families have been coming back to church, weve met recently a lot of investigators´friends, and weve seen a true growth in the area. I clearly with all the visa problems i have, havent had a whole lot of time to leave and go teach each day, but when i do get the opportunity, our lessons our amazing and the spirit truly is there testifying to our words... Lately, i also truly have seen a lot of blessings happening outside of the mission. With you all... My prayers truly are answered, and im just greatful that the lord sees the best way to bless his children always... He clearly knows better than i do, and he helps me to always understand the true meaning of a miracle. En esto momento quiero compartir mi testimonio y decirles que realmente jesucristo vino y hizó algo mas grande que tal vez entiendo. El sacrificó si mismo para mi, y para ustedes, y por medio de su sacrificio tenemos la oportunidad para volver a vivir con nuestro padre celestial. Tenemos la navidad cada año, en specifico para recordar a él y su vida, y espero que ustedes puedan guardar eso en mente este navidad. Les amo mucho y siempre den gracias a dios por todos nuestros bendiciones que tenemos como familia. Que esten bien y que dios les bendiga. Con mucho cariño y siempre con mucho amor, Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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