Letter 12/7/2012

Hola Familia! Another week gone by and it just keeps going faster and faster. I cant explain it, like everyone says, you hit the one year mark and time just flys by. Just got done talking to the president and lets be honest. It was a great talk. To say the least i feel humbled, but also blessed that hes the president. We talked about how we can better the offices and then asked me if i was really happy here in the offices. If i felt i was progressing with my life and mission and we honestly had just a great talk. He was very open with me and told me about how when he was in the offices how much different it was. Clearly that was 30 years ago, but he said that now, he has total confidence in me. That i dont need to ask permission, just tell him. He trusts me completely and i dont want to do anything to ruin that trust. Apart from that, ive been working hard out in the field. Yesterday we called a sister that was going to feed us and she said, sure, just come to the chapel and ill give you money and then you can go buy whatever you want... So we figured, alright thats nice, so we left and went to the church and when we got there it was a giant funeral going on. A lady in our ward died that we didnt know, and right as we show up the stake patriarch was talking and told everyone that was crying that we would be their guides to help them. So immedietly asked us to come to the front of the chapel and to speak to everyone and give them words of comfort... hmmm... good thing the spirit is the one that talks to the people and not me or it wouldve been an akward funeral. To be honest, not much else is happening right now in the mission besides a ton of visa stuff... Been working like crazy to get all of our visa problems fixed and looks like everything little by little is getting better... Cant wait til the day when i dont have all these problems anymore... Oh and in 2 weeks new missionaries come. hmmm... The president asked me how many today and i told him... anywhere from 4 to 13... 9 still dont have their visas, so we just have to help that everything works out... but people are coming from puerto rico, the us, guatemala, ecuador, and mexico... Also you have no idea how many missionary reccomendations ive been recieving... our mission is going to be so big... Well i love you all so much and thanks for always writing me. Manden saludos a todos, y que esten bien! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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