Letter 11/29/2012

Hola Familia! Wow well another weeks gone by and i cant believe its already pday again. Well officially hit 15 months and just 9 more to go... I just cant believe how fast its all going by. Anyways, cant even tell you all how many problems i have with visas right now... Just calls and more call, and visits to the Palacio every other day... To be honest, im a little worried... im thinking a couple of missionaries might go home, but who knows... After these new laws were passed the 9th of November, in the law it says that all the people that had expired visas have to go home and renew their visas at their houses in their own countries... and well... about a quarter of everyone is expired in our mission so guess whos chambeando como esclavo... I dont know, im just super tired and super ready to get out of the offices... ive been here since july and looks like ill definitely be here until after christmas... Apart from that, weve been having some really good lessons this past week... We went and visited Juan again and he basically told us why he went inactive. He said him and his wife were taking temple marriage prep classes and around the 3rd class, she said she just didnt want to anymore. That it didnt "catch her attention".... I thought what you all already thinking and im sure thats the case. The sad part is, after all that, what else is there to hope for if the gospel is all about families... So thats making reactivating him and his hoodlum sons pretty hard. On top of that, all their pot smoking neighbors just walk in at whatever time just smoke weed and listen to us... good times... But its all good, at least skinny Elder Juarez and I have a lot of street cred in the Ghetto, so no one messes with us. I loved seeing nicolais photos and cant wait to talk to him again, thats crazy hes already home, feels like he just left... ummm well not really, but its great hes back, and im sure his family is happy too. Well i love you all a ton and thought id just check in and let you know how busy i am hahaha. Sure its about the same there with all of you... But be strong and i love you all a ton! Hasta luego! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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