Letter 11/23/2012

Hola Familia! Well to start off... Happy Thanksgiving!!! We (everyone in the offices) just got back from the presidents house and i have to be honest, it was a really good thanksgiving... We ate Big ole T Bone steaks, mashed potatoes, a salad and then a bunch of mexican dishes that you probably wouldnt know.. but it was really awesome and it was really nice because we went around saying all the things we were thankful for and then ate pumpkin pie which i havent even seen or heard of for just over a year now! It was really nice of them to invite us over and it was just an all around nice experience... Anyways, cant believe Nicolais home... and lost 30 lbs? wow... looks like Perry cant call him a fatty anymore, and how great is that, that the mission really did change around his life... I really do see it changing mine everyday. Make sure you tell Nicolai hi, and that all is going well here and cant wait to talk to and see him again. I have to say i am a little jealous everyone is going to be over at grandmas house, eating some delicious turkey, but it is a blessing to be here and to be doing what im doing. I wouldnt trade this experience for anything. So this past week we got to hear from Elder De Hoyos from the 70 and his wife speak and they are just very very intelligent people and extemely spiritual. They did give us a challenge though that ive been doing pretty well at. They said that the King James Bible was translated by something like 47 people at the rate of 1 page a day. And it took them 7 years to do. And the Book of Mormon, was translated by just Joseph Smith and took him 85 days at the rate of 10 pages a day. they said if he could do that, and receive different revelations, and be persecuted and change houses all throught that, that we could try to read the book of mormon as well in just 85 days... It´ll be my first time reading it all the way through in Spanish, but should be pretty good... Ive just about gotten to 2 Nefi and already am learning a ton! Not much new is happening around here. One of the Zone Leaders is a little hurt and needed to take a break from his area so the president sent him here with me for the next few days to try to recover. He´s a really nice guy but very impressive his story. His Name is Elder Rueda, and hes 27 years old, a certified doctor, and also played the drums in a band called Isolator in the US. Great guy though... really spiritual and its been nice to have him here... Well i love you all so much and have an awesome thanksgiving... Say hi to everyone at grandmas house and tell them all that i miss and love them! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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