Letter 12/13/2012

Hola Familia! Wow so anothers weeks gone by and now I'm even closer to Christmas. That means another phone call home on Christmas day! I'm pretty excited, I'm sure it'll be best if you just call here to the offices. My companion wants to do SKYPE, but I'd actually prefer just to have a regular phone call. It seems a lot better to me. Well another hectic week trying to get all the visas approved for the new missionaries. A guy came in from Mexico City to give us a training meeting and well... it sounds like it's not such good news. Mexico is very strict and biased with their new Visa laws, some say racist. He went on, and on, and on, about how an american shouldn't be the Executive Secretary because they won't receive the same privileges as a Mexican, and won't be treated as fairly. Then my companion started laughing and the guy asked him why, and he went on and on about how everyone knows me there at the Mexican Visa Offices, and how they all call me by name. Also, he said how good I have been about getting the Church out of "paying fines". And he said, "Brother Hernandez (the guy giving the training meeting), if you think my companion can't do it, I'll have you know that the other day they told him that their new laws meant that after the visa is expired, people can't stay in mexico unless they're married. After saying that, the lady in the Visa Office said to Elder Smitheram, "if you are still single when that happens my daughter is too.".... Brother Hernandez and my mission President Camarillo were laughing so hard. The other mission (Guadalajara) was there at the meeting and they had been having a lot of visa problems, and here I was getting all this special treatment, and not only that, but the visa lady offered me her daughter to marry...haha Good times... Anyways, changes are next week... We were supposed to be getting 13 new people, but all the foreigners, (peru, US, puerto rico, guatemala) all didnt get their visas so now only 5 are coming... president was pretty upset, but then just started laughing because he realized making changes would be easier because we´re only also losing 5... Umm, well things are a little bit slow out in the field right now... To be honest we havent had a whole lot of time to leave the house, but we do have a new investigator. Its the mom of the two kids that we baptized... She is seriously a really nice lady, id say her only problem is... her family... I kid you not, everyone in the family studies the scriptures, talks very intelligently and the poor lady the whole time listens to her husband go, "look at our kids and look at all the kids in the catholic church... this is why you need to get baptized here"... its not that they say anything bad but she says, "all day long all i hear is you need to get baptized, you need to get baptized, from EVERYONE"... The worst is her super active father and mother in law live in the apartment below them and say the same all day long.... So we went around and told everyone that no one was going to invite rosy to baptism but us and they all agreed... so now things are progressing a lot more. I honestly think she will be a good addition to the church here and is just a super nice, super funny lady. Well apart from all that, not much else is going on. I miss you all a bunch and i really am excited to get to talk to you in like 2 weeks... I hope everyone is doing alright and i hope you all know you are in my prayers! Con mucho amor, Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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