Letter 11/8/12

Hola Familia y todos los demas! Well another weeks flown by, and i woke up on Wednesday morning and didnt feel any different so i knew that obama had won. Oh well, now we just need to pray for him so that he can make good choices and lead the country in the right direction. So busy week again, changes were this past week and all the news came in again. I seriously probaby havent slept in like 4 days. On Sunday night all the people who were going home stayed up really late, then woke up at 5 am to take their van to the airport. Then the new people came and Elder Juarez and I had to go pick them up with the assistants and the presidente. Then after another long night, we had new people conferences all the following day, then they all went to their areas, and that night all the zone leaders came over to stay with us for ZL Conferences. Yesterday they all went home but some of them really late, so now im really tired. Well Sunday we had an amazing sunday school lesson, and i promise i dont say that very ofter, but it was a very sincere lesson in Elders Quorum. The person who was assigned to be teacher talked about the importance of reactivation and retention in the ward. He asked about some of the people who had inactivated, and someone talked about a family that had inactivated about 6 months ago that was going about to get sealed in the temple, and no one had ever visited them to invite them back to church. He asked everyone afterward to on Tuesday go on visits to visit all the less active members. I kid you not, there were so many people there on tuesday to go visit members, we divided into about 5 groups of 5 to go visit different people. We had 3 people on our list and the first 2 werent home. We went to the 3rd and knocked on the door and some little kids came out and we asked them is they knew a guy named Juan.... (Yes i know, its a very specific question to ask in Mexico)... but anyways they said he had moved about a year ago. Well I was in the group of the teacher who gave the lesson, and he started to get really sad and shouted, "I cant believe it, i had so much faith we´d find him", sure enough out of no where he shouts "JUAN!" at a van that was passing by. I kid you not the guy we were looking for was in the backseat of the van, recognized him as well, got out, hugged him and said hed go to church this sunday for the first time in 3 years... He still lives within our ward boundries, but that night he was with some friends coming home from work and was passing by his old house. There was no coincidence. The lord put him there, and is actively participing and saving the souls of his children. And last night, we went to go visit Ilda. We talked with her about her baptism and she started to cry... She told us she talked to her mom about getting baptized and her mom she was adult now, and could make her own choices, but if she chose to be baptized her mom would no longer accept her as her child. She said that god put her in the family she has for a reason, and that he had her born in a Catholic family for a reason and to change religions was to insult god for every blessing hes ever given her. What could i say? She told us all of this and all i could ask her was what god said. And she cried even more saying that this was his church, it was what she wanted, and filled with the spirit i promised her mom would understand, and not only that, would end up supporting her for what she was doing. So now hopefully this next week we´ll be baptizing Ilda. Well i love you all so much and hope everyones doing good. Remember life always goes on, we just have to do our best to follow the gospel when all seems to be going wrong. Sean fuertes y les amo tanto! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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