Letter 11/15/2012

hola Familia! Saludos a todos! Well how great is that so many people are choosing to serve the lord... Have to say though... Im a little nervous that i´ll get back up to BYU Idaho... and itll just be me and a bunch of other dudes... hmmm... But thats great everyone is choosing to do something good with their lifes... Well this week has been really great! We finally got a chance to go back and visit Juan... Honestly i cant explain it, we show up to the house and he lives in to say the least, not the most reputable of neighborhoods to be in at night, but when we got there, I finally got to see how he really was up close, (becasue the night when we saw him he was in his truck and it was really dark). Anyways, Hes about 6 ´3´´ and has got a big ole biker beard. But honestly just a giant teddy bear. Super super humble, and very friendly. He showed us a wall of 16 nametags of different missionaries that hes known, and honestly after listening to him, i just heard the words of a man who simply strayed away a little bit along the way, but who was eager to find his way back. He did tell us a story of how one night he was driving and got an impression to take a left. So he did... then a right and so on and so forth until he got a feeling to go buy 6 pieces of different types of bread (rolls and things like that). Then some milk. He bought it and got back in his car. Then out of nowhere he got the feeling to keep going straight until he drove past a house and felt like he needed to go up to the door and give them the milk and bread. He says he got out of the car and just heard screaming and yelling from in the house. Knocked on the door and the people just so happened to be some non active members, who the father of the family had lost his job and had been without a job for a month and they were fighting because their daughter was crying because she hadnt eaten all day. He said he gave them the food and the lady just cried saying that just 5 minutes earlier they were praying for an angel to help them. He didnt know them. Had never seen them before in his life, nor was he even close to his house, but the lord guided him there. Afterwards the spirit was really strong as we told him the story of how we found him, and how once again the lord was calling him to be an angel to help out other inactive members. Honestly, he wont be a convert of mine, but he will always be my brother and i cant wait to see him active and helping out others again. ANYWAYS.... apart from that were still working hard, and this week we get the opportunity on saturday to listen to Elder Benjamin De Hoyos of the quorum of the 70. Should be a very good talk about missionary work i assume. Well i love you all so much and thank you for all the support im getting! Cuidense y que se encuentren bien! Un abrazo a todos! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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