Letter 9/6/12

Familia! Thank you all so much for all the letters ive gotten this week, its been great to read that everyone is doing good, and i hope that it stays that way. This week has been pretty interesting... Elder Juarez and I were sitting at our desk this week planning for who would come to church this past sunday... And I told him, why dont we make a list of all of our investigators. So we did... Yep a total of 5 names were put down on that list... 5 investigators... .... .... "well" i said, "lets hope every single one of them comes", and i kid you not every single one came... Plus 3 more that our investigators invited. Plus an inactive family of 9, plus andother inactive family of 4! Honestly i was so happy, because in the end the bishop was talking with everyone and just couldnt believe what was happening... he said... Elders, I think this plan is working... The thing thats been happening ive noticed though is investigators are more prepared to be baptized, the only problem is Satan honestly is working so hard on them, harder than ive ever seen before, i just hope they continue to progress... Almost all of our baptismal dates are for the end of this month and the beginning of the next, so we'll have to see what happens... Also, yesterday right as elder Juarez and i were leaving it was so extremely hot, i asked him... "Elder juarez do you think its going to rain"? And he just said, "no of course not its too hot"... Within 15 minutes rain drops were falling on us... and 30 minutes after that we were running through the rain completely soaked... We got to our first visit, and they just looked at us with such pitty they let us in... The rain does bring miracles, just at the time it doesnt seem like it... Anyways, hope all goes with with everyone there and to be honest all lf you are in my prayers. Cuidense mucho y que este semana les vaya bien! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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