Letter 8/16/12

Querido Familia! Well thank you all so much for all your letters, lets be honest, its great to get so many letters! Anyways, kind of an uneventful week. Well Sunday night all the old missionaries who were going home came to the offices for thier final interviews and dinner with the president and then they all came back and slept in the offices. After talking with them until about 1 am and listening to their stories, we went to bed, and woke up at 530 to get them off to the airport. THEN the new mexican missionaries got here. We got them all situated, and then the american missionaries got here late so after we got them situated and off to presidents house, we ended up getting everyone ready for bed at around 12 at night. Then right as i was about to collapse from being super exhausted at around 1 again, the assistants told me they would be in a meeting with the president the next day and that i was in charge of training all the new missionaries in spanish and english. So their i was in front of everyone for a meeting for close to 2 hours saying the same exact thing twice in 2 languages.... Lets be honest... that night when i went to bed again at around midnight i just collapsed from exhaustion and then woke up at 630pm again. Haha, i thought i was tired before, but now ive reached a whole new level. Apart from office stuff ive been trying my best to work in my area, but some days we dont even get to the chance to leave so its really hard to keep people progressing... But anyways, the other day we went to visit Guadalupe and she didnt seem very excited about getting baptized. I thought the spirit was pretty strong but maybe she didnt. Anyways, we taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end asked her how things were going with her prayers, and she said she wasnt praying.... Oh man i wanted to just get up and throw the book of mormon at her head. And then her mother in law asked her how are you supposed to get baptized the 15 of sep? I thought to myself, we only mentioned getting baptized the 8th of sep and there is no way she remembers, and she said, "no my date is the 8th of sep and sorry elders, i promise ill work harder"... We were in shock! But hey how great is that she is actually excited to get baptized, but the only problem is her brothers and mom are narco leaders and just treat her bad and make fun of her so she has a let of pressure from her family. im hoping though she makes the right decision because i just love her little 2 year old boy and just want the best for her little family. Well not much else is really happening right now... just boring old visa and passport stuff, but its all good.... Well i love you all so much, and hope everyone is doing alright! Cuidense mucho todos y les quiero mucho! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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