Letter 8/23/12

Hola Familia! Well this week was pretty bad lets be honest. We had everything planned so well for our 2 baptisms this past saturday and wednesday when we went to go visit the family, we knocked on their door and no one came out... We just kept knocking, and then the brother and law came out with a giant cardboard box filled with stuff, saying that the mom was having problems and kicked everyone out of the house. So our family out of nowhere moved way far away! I was in shock and so mad! wow... So Elder Juarez and I just said alright, lets just go with our awesome family thats going to be baptized this week... We knocked on the door and no one came out, and just kept knocking, and then the neighbor across the street opened up his door and said last night he had helped the family moved out because their landlord kicked them out... I asked where too and he said about an hour away.... I just about cried... We just sat down and then as if things couldnt get any worse it rained the worst rain ive ever had on my mission.... We were WADING through the streets with water and a fast current up to my knees.... Then cars got stuck or started floating down the street, so we got into the middle of the street to push cars and help people out.... Well after wednesday, we thought nothing could get worse.... Well losing all those people left us with 3 baptismal dates still... So we decided to go with a mom and a dad we were trying to get baptized.... When we got to their house we had a very nice spiritual lesson and then afterwards she asked if we could come back sunday night after church.... So we did... Sunday night was super awesome and another really uplifting lesson... and then she asked if we could come back monday because it was really urgent... i asked her why it was so urgent, and they told us, it was because they were MOVING tuesday.... I just about cried.... I have one baptismal date right now, and basically like 3 good investigators left and thats it... And to top things off its not like i can just go out and find my own investigators, we have to wait for the ward to give us a reference list.... which they should have done the 15th of July but never did.... The best to top it all off was this past tuesday we had a ward council meeting and i got up and explained to everyone what was happening... What this Plan really included and what their part was... And i kid you not, they all looked at me really confused and someone raised their hand and asked "ummm so does that mean that we are all kind of like missionaries?" Oh wow, i thought, this is my ward.... I said, Yes we have all been missionaries ever since David O Mckay said "every member a missionary".... One of them responded "oh wow, when did he say that"..... Ummm about 50 years ago.... Finally i had to talk to president, who talked to the stake president, whos finally starting to help us get started on this plan, but the sad part is, until this sunday, we basically have no one to teach... we just visit families that are less active and thats it... Hopefully this plan will really work, because to be honest it is an amazing idea, all we need is just a little help from the ward... Well besides that, not much new has really been happening around here... just work, work and more work.... The visa lady is giving me a hard time right now so lately ive been downtown almost every day of the week fighting for visas, and then i got an email showing me the other day, the other elder that was doing my job left me with 20 people with expired visas, which basically means the country wants to kick them out without 30 days.... HOPEFULLY we dont have any problems, but i still dont know.... Well also thank you so much for all the letters, its really nice to read those and to know how everyone is doing. Pues les amo mucho y espero que todo está bien! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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