Letter 5/7/2012

Hola Familia! ummm the "a" button on this keyboard doesnt really work, so if i looks like i cant spell, we´ll blame it on that.... Well looks like sister Jesperson called you... I was feeling pretty bad about a week a change ago, and all of a sudden my whole body just started to ache and i had the worst pain ever... I was running an extremely high temperature for about 3 days and vomiting so they brought me to the doctor and gave me a horrible shot right in the backside to clear it up... well i felt good after that for about 15 min and then the bacteria got angry and started attacking worse... they next day they stuck me in a horrible mexican hospital, which im sure you all know how they are, and a specialist came in and told me i had an agressive form on salmonella... well after three days on an IV drip attached to my hand, i left the hospital with my hand extremely fat with liquid and feeling a little bit better... and thats how ive been for about the past 4 days... its pretty fun stuff... But i basically havent worked in my area this past week, and it was awful too... but good news is i got back on the horse and we had some miracles happen... This week we found some teenager thats been going to church because his grandma makes him do it, and then this week he told us he finally feels ready to be baptized.... The other miracle is weve been working with this couple to try to get them married and baptized... they dont have any kids together, but as of lately only the girl, Ireri, (yes thats her name and its really hard for me to pronounce right), wants to be baptized and her boyfriend no... well he threw a hissy fit and left the house and moved out with his mom and we were way sad... but now... it came to my mind last night that they arent living together, so we went to her house and told her shes going to be baptized this friday... she laughed and my companion laughed, but i was serious... she said, "umm alright, lets do it"... haha so looks like we are going to baptize her this week, and even better, we know a judge her that told us, that if they do decide to get married, he´ll do it for free.... so... only good news there :) well not much new is happening... our investigators are starting to learn something, that when they start enjoying blessings of the gospel, other people dont like that and only want to see them miserable... so my companion told me he lost some investigators this last week, so looks like i gotta go get them back this week... Well hey i love you all tons and im excited to call you this sunday! Cuidénse! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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