Letter 4/30/12

Buenas Tardes... No me diga nada acerca de la clima ahí... de verdad ahora yo quiero morir con todo este calor... (TRANSLATION: Do not tell me anything about the weather there ... now I really want to die with all this heat) But hey dont worry... Ive heard from everyone i just need to wait for the rainy season and it'll all get better... i hope... Anyways... this week was horrible... my companion got sick on thursday and was throwing up all thrusday night... then of course i got sick... friday... and ive been sick since... Ive bought pills and ive done everything... if i still feel bad tomorrow ill go to the doctor... Hahaha its kinda funny.. like everything else, the doctors here work out of sheds so its only 30 pesos... like i dunno, 2 dollars and change to go to the doctor... Hahaha... Well anyways, right now we are extremely close to baptizing another 3 people... a couple thats been living together for 2 years and isnt married, the aunt of the husband... They are way cool, but lets be honest, that aunt is really weird... she met president Jesperson about 3 months ago and since then has been telling everyone that he is the father of her little child... Shes like 50 years old and has been working in the less that reputable industry of selling things that "belong to her" that she shouldnt... Anyways, all 3 of them have done a complete turn around and im hoping all will go well with those baptisms this month... Also we had a miracle happen... We were contacting in the street, and we contacted some lady and she gave us her address... We visted here and the grandma asked us for a blessing... we thought it was strange she asked us for a blessing but we did it anyways... Afterwards she told us her husband died about 7 years ago and they had 21 kids... theses 21 kids have more than 100 kids and she right now is living with about 20 of the grandchildren... her husband was baptized and a year and a half later died, but loved the church... all the kids were baptized but none of the grandkids... uhhhhmmm... so... I planned a family home evening with them for this upcoming saturday and im hoping we can reactivate the members, and baptize the other 20! Well not much new going on around here... i have been starting to miss Guadalajara and my converts there but last night i decided it was just because i dont have as many here, so im going to start working on that... Well hey i love you all and theres only two things i could really use in the package... about 2 more pairs of black pants and candy that isnt covered in chili powder... Hey love you all and take care... Ill let you know this next week what number to call! Elder Smitheram P.S. I think today is "El Dia del Niño"... they here have mothers day, fathers day, and kids day... so all the kids get presents today and are way excited... P.S.S. Also... I honestly have asked but i dont understand... Everyone here dresses up as bulls and dances in the streets... still dont understand, but right now all the kids are dressing up as bulls to dance in the streets tonight...


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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