Letter 5/14/2012

Hola Familia otra vez... Well good news, most of the infection is gone so looks like I wont be going to Guadalajara at least for now, but still theres a little unsurity... We´ll see what happens, but for now, todo está bien en zion... Well gotta say this week has been pretty crazy, ive had about 3 investigators tell me their goal is to be baptized in 15 days so im hoping to see some miracles here in this area... Morelia really is kind of a strange place though... The Pope came to visit here a little over a month ago and ever since then the Catholic Church has been growing a ton and they are just an ignorant people too... Yesterday i forgot to tell you on the phone but weve been talking with a brother and sister that own a butcher shop and their parents own a furniture store right next to it... The problem is, the parents hate us and told them that if they listen to us they will start losing profits... and they started losing profits is the worst part and i promised them they wouldnt... Well i was feeling pretty discouraged and I thought, "what do i have to lose" so i went back and talked to the dad in his furniture store because i had never talked to him before... I told him about the book of mormon and i saw a huge change in him for just the hour he listened to us... He went with me back over to his kids and said dont stop listening to them... It was honestly a really spiritual lesson... The only bad part is, the two shops are literally right next to the huge catholic church and all the catholics were yelling and screaming at us the whole time during the lesson.... One of them shouted, "Jesus Christ died millions of years ago, and ive seen the cross where he died and the blood still hasnt dried!... All they will tell you is lies"... Gotta say, moments where people start saying apostasy like that when youre on your mission only just makes you want to work harder to help them understand... Well lifes going better right now, and thank you all so much for your prayers and your thoughts... ill do my best to keep you all informed and just know that individually you all are in my prayers! Con mucho amor, Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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