3/12/12 Letter

Familia otra vez!

Well we had another week of success and miracles! We ended up baptizing the last of sisters that weve been baptizing... haha its pretty funny, we started off with valeria, then her younger sister yeleni, and now the youngest and most difficult, rosy..... But an amazing story with them, we always ask permission from the mom to baptize the girls one by one, and this past one, she told us she wanted to work towards following the examples of her daughters... She started crying because she told us she never thought shed see her daughters so happy again, because her husband died, but she told us, this ward is the family theyve always needed... Also, the grandma lives with them. Shes a very frail woman who used to cuss at us and worship the virgin guadalupe, but she changed completly after a fell she had last week, and after seeing valeria in seminary every day sharing the gospel with her mom, she decided to give us a chance.... This sunday we went to the house to bring the whole family to church but the grandma, could barely move... We gave her a blessing, and the first thing she asked was, "when do we leave".... it was amazing, the whole family was at church, the whole ward was extremely friendly and the grandma felt extremely better!

Also all the girls went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead and came back crying because it was such a spiritual experience for them....

Well not much new is really happening hear, minus the fact that for a couple days we couldnt take buses because the narcos and the police and military are all fighting.... Hahaha theyre burning buses as a sign of revolt, but they should be burning down this giant apostasy for a temple i have in the middle of my area.... But anyways, we cant take buses for right now, and some missionaries are confined to their houses, but dont worry, its all good in the hood here ;)

Also, I love how im getting letters from all the people back home with your spiritual experiences, its a motivation to keep working hard here!

To be honest, everything is going really good here! The mission is exciting and I hope Tanner is going on splits with the missionaries to practice before he goes to pocatello on his mission... hahah love you Tan...

CuĂ­dense y tengan animo por la obra misional! HABLAN CON TODOS!!!

Elder Smitheram


pollywog said... | March 12, 2012 at 8:13 PM

Hey guys, what is the best way to write to Taylor right now? Does he receive emails or letters easier/better...it sure is fun reading his letters like this, thanks so much for putting them up here so we can enjoy them too.


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