Letter 3/19/12

Hola Familia... y todos los demas....

Well this week we didnt have a baptism... We had one planned and my investigator drank coffee on purpose the morning of his baptismal interview so he wouldnt have to be baptism.... Needless to say Elder Santos told him he was going to kill him and do baptisms for the dead.... It actually ended pretty well... more or less.... Hahaha its pretty funny with Elder Santos... I feel like its good cop, bad cop with him... He's so direct with the people that they want to change their lives around pretty quickly, I sometimes am just their friend, but all the time backing up Elder Santos....

Well this past week was a little tough and kinda weird... A TON of missionaries got sent home... and not for what you think... For "lack of faith"... Ouch... But the other missionaries that share our chapel in our district got sent home, and also a ton of zone leaders and other missionaries... Huh... not much more to say to that...

Also this past week 3 drunks stopped us in the street to talk to us about the gospel and said some very profound words that have really been stuck in my mind... One of them told us, that "if we ever lost sight of who we were working for, our whole missions were a waste..." He told us "you only answer to one person" and pointed up.... Hahaha I thought, these guys a crazy, but afterwards it really hit me and I was kinda in shock, but its very true....

Wow Church here is getting a little ridiculous... Every sunday we have to bring 5 investigators to church, I give a talk every sunday, and these past couple Sunday's I'm teaching pretty much every class.... Fun stuff... Especially when I'm not prepared for anything...But really with all of our companion and personal studying we are preparing ourselves... It is actually pretty funny, usually I'll just be sitting in sacrament meeting listening to the announcements and waiting for my name to be called for a talk... Hahaha if nothing else, when i get back i'll be prepared for my homecoming talk, i'll just get up in front like normal hahahaha...

Man it is getting so hot here, no joke pretty much ready to die....

Hey well I love you all tons, tell Ryan congratulations or sorry, or whatever the saying is when you get married for me... and Cuidense mucho!

Elder Smitheram

(btw, cow tongue tacos are actually way good, pig snout... no)


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