Letter 2/27/2012

Hola familia y todos las otras personas quien tienen tiempo todavia para leer estas cosas...

Well familia, good news, we finished our change, (every six weeks for those who dont know), with another baptism... Her name is Valeria and she was pure gold, im hoping to baptize her this next week, and also carlos, hes the son of one of my converts... But this change has been awesome... Elder Santos and I have had 6 baptisms and all are active! Our ward is getting animated too and everyones changing for the better to help us retain our converts!

Valeria, her conversion is a pretty funny story... Remember about 3 months ago when i sprained my ankle really bad, she was the one who called the trashy ambulance to pick me up... About 2 weeks ago I felt like we needed to visit her, and she was just baptized, and confirmed this sunday, after not seeing her for close to 3 months...

Lets be honest for a second everyone... if February and its already really hot here... love the people here, but hate the weather...

Not much new has been happening here, but our area is doing great... The Jews Del Mundo, (its normally Luz, which is pronounced LOOZ), and the catholics have been fighting a lot in our area... A lot... Samuel, (the leader of the "jews del mundo"), has been telling his people, (because all the streets are one way), to change the name and the direction of the street... The name to his name, and the direction, towards their giant birthday cake shaped temple, because right now its going away from it... So theres protests, and its extremely crazy to watch these drugged up catholics fight the jews del mundo... It did make me think though of the story of Zoram where hes telling all his people to stop believing in christ and rather believe in him, because its the same as Samuel...

Well I love you all and dont worry, everything is going really good here... Try to send more pictures if you could!

Love you all!

Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

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Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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