Letter 2/20/12

Que Tal todos!?!?

Well another week has gone by and there is a ton of drama in the mission.... The president asked that everyone baptize this month and for this change and nobody is really listening to him, so I think hes coming tomorrow to "planchar" as the mexicans call it... Its alright though, Elder Santos and I and rockin and enjoying the mission, and the Zone leaders and just behind us, so they arent worried, but everyone else is.... Elder Santos told me, "hey, never get involved in trouble and always just keep working hard and only answer to the president and the lord"... So far its worked out great, because about half of our zone right now is in what id describe best as a "coupe", weve just stayed out of it, and the lords blessed us with 5 baptisms in 5 weeks...

Also, had a pretty crazy experience this past week... We basically asked a little girl for her address because her mom didnt want to give it to us, visited them, they rejected us, visited them again because Elder Santos felt like it was a good idea, and now the whole family showed up to church this past sunday... 6 people! And to be honest, the dads a drunk and a drug addict and the gospel is changing him around... Everytime I find a scripture I like, the mom takes out her libro de mormón con su hija y estan marcándolas conmigo... En serio este familia es bien bien chido y yo espero que yo puedo verles bautizados ahorita...

Also tell Angie Felicidades for the new baby, and tell the new baby I said hi!

Also thanks for all the letters everyone, and sorry i dont have much time again, but i do love you all and yep.. still disfrutando la misión y la idioma!

Hasta luego y Hasta Ver!

Elder Smitheram!


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