Hola familia y amigos!

Well, im feeling better this week... I ended up having an intestinal infection, talked to the American Doctor who had me fast for 2 days straight and then put me on a diet of tortillas and bannanas... Weird, but it worked... And luckily because im in Mexico, I was able to buy prescription drugs without a prescription! HOORAY! (technically its against the law, but luckily no one follows the laws so its all good)... Anyways after a week and a half of feeling about the worst in my life, im back to doing good, off the diet and eating gross things again in members houses... For example, im making Fear Factor look like nothing here, I ate cockroaches... Yep... Cockroaches... Honest opinion... not that bad... the only problem was... THEY WERE ALIVE!!!! I know what youre thinking... probably not the smartest decision right after having an infection, but good news, the infection wasnt from food, it was from all the people who dont wash their hands and shake my hand... But anyways, enough about gross food, just know im doing better and thanks for all the prayers and help...

I guess the lords been humbling me lately, but now the blessings are starting to come... I have 2 baptisms lined up for the week... A boy named Alejandro still, and a lady named Ana Patricia... Were hoping all goes well this week, because last week they both fell through for one reason or another...

Also ive noticed a change in my teaching... Both Elder Buenvecino and I are using parables to teach EVERYTHING its great... The spirit just keeps getting stronger and we have some good stories too... Its awesome, im just about done with Jesus the Christ, and one thing I have noticed is, there is a reason for using parables, people learn so much more when they are learning on their own and drawing conclusions for themselves...

Sad news though... This is Elder Buenvecinos last week and so this sunday I drop him off at the offices to go home, and I get a new companion... Gotta say im kinda nervous, but its all be good and hes really excited to go home...

Also our ward is dying more and more every sunday... The bishop refuses to help us, the members are cold and our investigators just keep telling us that theres a very fake love within our ward and its true... We are trying everything we can to help this ward, but no one wants to do anything about it.... Finally this sunday a lady got up to bear her testimony in our ward... Called out this bishop basically in front of everyone, and we finally started getting help... It just took a ward that used to consist of 250 people to go down to about 35 and have the sweetest lady in the world reanimate the ward... This week we have big plans to help out our ward, and im hoping everything gets turned around...

Well hey i hope everyone is doing good, and i love you all tons... Thanks for keeping me in your prayers and continue to do so...

Cuídense muchísimo y diga a mi hermano que deje las chicas, porque los vídeo juegos están muchisimo mas divertidos!

Hasta Luego todos!

Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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