Hola familia, y otras quien están leyendo estas cartas!

Well some sad news... I lost Elder Buenvecino... Yep, his two years were up, and he decided he wanted to go home... So this morning I got a new companion named Elder Santos... (Elder Saints)... Pretty cool guy though, the problem is he speaks with a really hard accent to understand and he scares people a little cause hes built like a tank, but other than that, hes awesome!

Also... I had my first baptism! I baptized a kid named Alejandro... It was great, except for the part that when we showed up at the chapel this past tuesday, we found out the heater was broken and the water was lime green from how nasty it was, so Buenvecino after touching the freezing cold water looked at me and said, "hope youre ready for your first baptism"... I got in the water and it was SOOOOO cold, and when the little boy got in he was shaking so bad from the cold... I did the baptism but messed up my spanish somewhere along the line, dunked him, and had to redo it again while the poor little boy was freezing to death... But after everything it turned out really good, and the spirit was extremely strong...

This week Im hoping I can baptize Ana Patricia still... last week she smoked a cigarette on like thursday so we couldnt baptize her, but we talked to her so im hoping all that will turn around...

Also this past week I had a pretty funny experience... On saturday my zone leader came to come check on me and we went on splits... I guess Buenvecino told him that my area was tough because we have a ton of the "Luz del Mundo" in our area and their giant abomination for a temple brought a bad feeling into our area, so he came to find out for himself... We went to the best description is a flea market to contact people, and the first person we contact was a lady from the luz del mundo... She said what we were doing was considered unholy and we would, in one short word, quemar for what we were doing, and my zone leader was caught way off guard... Next thing you know, like a pack of wolfs, one by one the luz del mundo are coming up asking questions about what they needed to do to be saved, and telling us that the time of prophets has passed and the time of one apostle to guide the lords church is now... And i dont know why, but they were all shouting and he couldnt even respond, and i just felt inspired to say something, I said "Our fundamental doctrine is that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God loved his children in the past and sent them the prophet Moses to guide them, and after Moses called other prophets to guide his children". "Now you believe in the old testament right?", and all of them just looked at me and were like "of course!"... "then why would God not be the same today and send prophets to guide us?"... It was dead silent... No one had an answer, and the next thing you know they all started saying stuff like, "oh sorry i have to go home for lunch" or "uhh we can talk about this at a later time"... My zone leader looked at me and was like, "lets be honest... your area is tough"... It was however a testimony builder for me to have a lot of faith in a prophet and to not be afraid to share that... I guess just the other day it hit me about how powerful it is to have someone who is literally in communication with God to help guide everyone in the world, not just people from our church...

Oh before i forget, I did manage to send off that package to you, so you should be getting that shortly...

Alright, well I love you all...

Cuídense mucho!

Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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