Letter 12/19/2011

Como Esta familia!?!?!?

Wow loving all the emails im getting and thanks so much to everyone! Sorry I never have very much time to write, so its hard to write everyone, but just know i want to!

Anyways Elder Buenvecino and I are finally starting to become way good friends and I cant even describe the changes and miracles that are happening, but one true story I do want to share thats just an example of the lord preparing "escogidos"...

...This past sunday (the 11th I think) Elder Buenvecino and I were talking to some guy on the street... a normal contact... and he wasnt very interested, but did give us a referral.... Well we checked on the referall this past wednesday and a 15 year old girl was really suprised to see us and told us to for sure come back on friday.... Well friday we show up at the house and we see a family of 5, (a mom and 4 kids), and we ask, "hows everyone one doing"... and almost at once they responded, "terrible"!... we asked why and she proceeded to tell us a horrible story of how 4 years ago, her husband died, the next year her brother died, the next year her son died, and just this past sunday, was the funeral of her other brother who was murdered by narcos (drug dealers)... She told us something very strange though.....

She said a man was at the funeral, a white guy (which is extremely, extremely rare here), came up to her at the funeral, gave her 500 pesos, (which is a ton for her), and said "i take care of the poor and the children, I can share a message with you that can help make you happy... Can I write down your address and visit you this wednesday?".... weird... Well guess what... he didnt show up on wednesday... Guess who did? We did... The mom and all the kids accepted a baptismal date for the 7th of January and they all love the church...

Crazy right!?!?!?

Well I have some other truly amazing stories, but itll be for after my mission to tell you... But I have noticed a change in my mission... Im truly enjoying myself, and its made all the difference...

Also on a different note.... We blew our standard of excellence out of the water this week, with 9 people we have baptismal dates for, another like 11 new investigators and well over 200 contacts... We preach everywhere, its great... stand on boxes in the middle of crowds, preach in busses, in street markets, anywhere we can and people listen!

On an even more different note, for christmas this sunday you call us... I dont have the number, but ill send it to you tomorrow or wednesday... Itll be at 4pm, but you might want to buy one of the international cards to call me...

Also thats awesome about the package... just make sure you throw the virgin mary on there, people will desecrate the picture of jesus, but her, no.... They have some crazy idea here, that because she is the mother of jesus who is a god, she is a more powerful god... not quite sure where it says that in the bible, but when i find it ill send it to you hahahaha....

...and also I dont even know what to say about Lui dying, but just wish my best to the family on facebook if you could...

Well hey I love you all, and if you could, try to have perry there to talk to me.... remember its 4 my time...

Cuidense mucho!

Sale y Vale!


················ Elder Smitheram


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