Letter 1/23/12

Familia!!! ....y otras!

Aww man, thanks for the great letter once again, and to answer some questions to start off.... No that is not for my future wedding,its for Tanners.... I traded that yellow and brown tie to a black kid in the mtc for that vest and tie, so i got the good deal on that... As for the package, I'm sure its sitting in the mission office, we don't get them sent to our house, like once a month someone goes to the offices to pick up our stuff...

Also, as for an update, this week was awesome!!! We had another baptism! Baptized Ana Patricia after 2 months of teaching her.... Wow it felt so good to watch Elder Hernandez (Quorum of the 70) dunk her... Oh YA!!! We had Elder Hernandez from the quorum of the 70 come to our ward talk to us, and baptize Patricia! My companion has pictures, ill try to send some... But oh man, it honestly did feel amazing to watch someone else come into the gospel, and to hear her daughter who was baptized 3 years ago solo, say to her, she "never thought she'd see the day when her mom would come to the gospel", and then start crying was just amazing... Those are the moments that make a mission all worth it!

Also Elder Santos is amazing! He's such a great guy! The only thing he can say in english is "brotha from anotha motha" and "claro que yes", which is more spanglish than anything hahaha... But seriously, this past week we blew our standard of excellence out of the water, and we didnt even do anything special, we just worked... Its crazy, im really enjoying my mission, and then when you wrote im close to a quarter of the way done i got worried... hahaha In the mtc I remember thinking how great itd be to be at a quarter or close to done, but right now, id do anything to avoid that! No offense mom and dad, but this area came alive and so did i!

For this week I reported 6 baptisms!!!! hahaha Im hoping all go through so we can have 6 baptisms this week! Sounds a little crazy, but I cant explain it, Elder Santos and I changed everything around and our area is just awesome!

I had a pretty funny experience this week... I basically punched some lady in the face... Hahaha yep... Its not very hard to describe mexico, coca cola everywhere, everyone has ferrari stickers on their car, but i still have yet to see a ferrari, and everyone is drunk all throughout the day... Also, there are hand symbols for everything (no, yes, maybe, sometimes, later, one more time... ect)... Well dont quite remember when it was, but i was talking to some of our companions in another area, and we were walking back to our house at like 9 at night, and some drunk lady comes up to kiss me! And the best description i can give is she had he kissy face ready, i wasnt paying attention i was talking, and my companion was in front of me, I thought she was selling something, so i put up the "no thanks" symbol, (which btw looks really bad in the US), and she went in for the kiss, i freaked out and hit her in the face! hahahha... She just walked away all drunk and depressed, and a little hurt and my companion was just laughing like crazy afterward....

Well hey, tell Eric happy birthday, and I hope everyone is doing good back home!

Gracias por todo, y en serio, incluyen me en sus oraciones! Les AMO!

Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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