Letter 10/7/2011

Como esta mi famila? Well this weeks been a lot better. General Conference was amazing and I just absolutely loved all of it, but it was kinda weird basically sitting in the same room with millions of people for like 10 hours or so for 2 days straight. 10 hours because we had to ge there early and then we had 3 meetings both days. But sunday night devotional was amazing too! We had Chad Lewis come speak to us that night and he's an amazing guy. He was talking about his mission and how much its benefited him throughout his life. He said he went to Taiwan, Taichung like 21 years ago, and because he spoke chinese, he's the NFL's official ambassador to china and taiwan. Even funnier, they asked him to be one of the announcers for The super bowl a couple of years ago and he told them, you don't understand, all i speak is missionary chinese, but they insisted he do it anyways. Well as the announcer he testified that he knew Tom Brady threw true passes and that somewhere along the line he just started talking about god for a while and how he was happy with the outcome of the game. hahaha But he was a great guy and he had some pretty cool stories and you could tell he just loved the people in Taiwan. Anyways this weeks been really slow, but still going by good. Its been nice to get letters from everyone, i feel however like i'm just about done with my two years because i've been in the MTC for so long hahaha. But its been good. We've been learning all the different techniques for teaching and also the ways to really get to know people, other than that though all i do is talk in spanish basically 24/7. Also tell grandma that senior couples come in every monday. Depending on where they go, some ae here for 1 week if its for church services such as family history or church history things. Or if they go foreign and have to learn a language they're here for 2. Its funny though, even going to Russia, this one couple was only here for a week and a half, basically only knew how to say hello and the mission president asked for them, so they left. Hahaha the other thing is, senior couples basically dont have any rules... they show up for their class times and devotionals then do whatever for the rest of the time. Not much has really been going on here. It snowed and its of course freezing around here, so tell mom thanks for the sweater because it really does help. Also i love grandpa's jacket he gave me, it looks pretty smooth wearing it around. But i finally got food poisoning from this food here. But its all good now. Im back to living off of all the good food mom is sending me :) Also tell Tanner thats a lot of hours he's working there. I'm glad mel wasn't being mean to him and went the opposite route on all of that. Well keep the letters coming and I love you all. And yes, we do get to call from the airport. We haven't gotten our travel plans, but most people fly out around 6 to 7 a.m. And they take us to the airport around 5 a.m. so if that is the case, thats when you'll be getting the call.... Hope Jason is doing good, and hope Tanner is at least trying to read preach my gospel. Con Amor, Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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