Letter 10/14/11

Como esta mi familia? Well everything is going good here, and thanks for all the messages and letters i´ve been getting. I even appreciate the ones from mom where all they ever talk about is work hahaha. But really it is way nice to get letters and know the world is still moving all around you. Anyways, yesterday marked a big day, we got our travel plans!!!! It says i leave on the 24th i believe, (sorry i dont have them with me), and we leave the mtc at like 5 am. I think our plane takes off at like 8 am, and somewhere in there i get to call home. I also got a letter from the travel office because i´m the district leader right now saying we had to confirm our visas and take a trip to salt lake to sign for them, but when i talked with the travel office they said they´ve been working really hard with the Mexican Consulate, but not one out of our group of 30 has their visas. (30 are going to mexico and it is a total of 3 districts, and our district right now only has 6 people). But they said they´re hopeful, otherwise, we get sent stateside and who knows where.... Whats strange though is the last group had 80 going to mexico and all had their visas but like 3 or 4 people, and they had them on the 7th week and they said our situation was strange. But she also said the mexican consulate is weird and they very well could call us down at 3 am and have us on a bus headed to salt lake to sign for them the second they´re approved. Besides that, not much new has been going on. By the way, while i was talking to the travel office, they said the mission elder tucker and i were going to is actually pretty rare for people from the united states. Mainly people go to guadalajara, not the east part, because our mission covers all the pueblitos and usually they speak tribal spanish that we´ll have to learn... but that could be a cool experience... Also last night i had a teacher come up to me and say ´´Elder Smitheram!´´, i looked to see who it was and had no idea who he was and he just kept saying... remember me? youre taylor smitheram right? I was way caught off guard and he was like, you were in my ward in texas, my cousin is kyle robinson, my name is Mark... It didn´t even look like him and he had totally changed and mellowed out. I guess he went to argentina and loved it there. He speaks kinda funny spanish but its just the accent from there. But it was nice to talk to him for a bit, and i asked him about everybody and he was giving me the low down. Anyways today is going to be our last time going to the temple since next week we dont have a normal week, its a brand new schedule, so i´m going to try to enjoy it while i still understand what they´re saying in English. Also if you could let the girls know i´m sending them each home a letter so itll be there next week probably. And Tanner, feel free to use punctuation when you write hahahaha. But no i dont know the password to any of it. I´ve left Babylon behind, so you might just have to call microsoft and tell them I´m out of the country and see if they can help you. Also Ask Jeremy Jensen to take a look at it. He can help you out with all that. Anyways i love you all a ton and i´ll be able to write home at least one or two more times before i leave here so i´ll give you the details about flying and calling you. Oh and i hope Tanner did take my challenge and is at least trying to read and study Predicad Mi Evangelio chapter 3, just one lesson a sunday will put you so far above everyone else and give you such a greater knowledge of what to say if you have missionary experiences at school. Also dont be afraid to say anything to non member friends tanner, you can make a huge difference. Adios y Nos Vemos! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

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