Letter 9/30/2011

Que Pasa Familia?

Well another week down, and what seems like an eternity left before im in Mexico. It was awesome to read Jason's letter though and it sounds like he's having a lot of success. It just makes me more excited to finally get some real investigators of my own.

Anyways this week has been pretty good. The oldest district just left so now that makes us the oldest followed by about 5 other districts. It was kinda sad to see them go though. I really felt like they were part of my family but its nice to see them moving on to better things, and I wish I could be in their place right now. Btw, I took some pictures and I'll be sending my memory card home probably either today or tomorrow with a letter.

Este semana we officially finished everything we need to know about spanish grammer and its kinda weird. Basically all we do from here on out is speak spanish all day long to everyone we meet, teach investigators and grow in our vocabulary. Its nice being the old dogs on campus though, and getting to help and teach with all the nuevo mariposas.

I have to say though, I'm extremely excited for conference tomorrow. I know i've basically had conference twice a week with all the apostles i've listened too, but its always nice to get to hear the messages they all have.

Also I've started reading the New Testament to try and develope a greater love for the savior, and I just started John and I absolutely love it. At the same time i'm reading the old testament, the book of mormon, doctrine and covenants and Jesus the Christ, just to try to obtain the word before i share it. I just love the scriptures though and can sit down for hours at a time and just read and highlight different scriptures like crazy. The other great thing is reading the scriptures in spanish. They change around some of the meanings but it still has the same powerful truths contained in them.

Elder Tucker has been getting so much better at spanish its great. We taught a lesson and it was back and forth every few sentences and he actually made sense!!!

Anyways its nice to hear I'm going to have like thirty new cousins by the time I get back, wish everyone congratulations for me.

Btw, I really do wish i had tanner here. This stupid watch is an hour ahead of time and beeps every hour on the hour. Everyone here has messed with it at least once and no one knows how to change it. Btw, speaking of Tanner how's school going for him? If he's taking a language he better be studying it. And also is he reading at least 1 lesson out of chapter 3 in preach my gospel? I can't even tell you how much i wish i had studied preach my gospel before my mission, and i promised its inspired.

Es tiempo para mi a salir. Adios mi familia y mis amigos, y tambien ustedes necesitan orar mucho para mi. Este no es facil, pero es la obra del Señor, y le amo este obra con todo mi corazon. Yo tengo un testimonio que este iglesia es verdadero y tambien que nosotros tenemos un profeta hoy, y Jose Smith fue un profeta tambien. Lo siento por mi español, y si no entienda, da este carta a Tyler y el puede leer este mal español para ustedes.

**Translation by Google Translator**(It's time for me to leave. Goodbye my family and friends, and you also need to pray a lot to me. This is not easy, but it is the Lord's work, and I love this work with all my heart. I have a testimony that this church is true and also that we have a prophet today, and Joseph Smith was a prophet too. Sorry for my Spanish, and if you do not understand, give this letter to Tyler and he can read this to you.)

Hasta Luego!

Elder Smitheram


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