September 9, 2011

Hola mi familia!

Que pasa? Hey so life here is going good, its nice to see that everyone back home is doing good, kinda crazy how fast time has flown by here. Just on wednesday Elder tucker and i were standing at a tree out front watching all the newbies pull up and speaking spanish to them as they came just to see the looks on their faces :) hahaha yes jordan was one of those crazy little kids, and as he pulled up in a fancy caddie i knew it just had to be him. we talked for a while last night and hes in a little trio of missionaries all going to San Diego. They seem like really nice guys though.

Anyways yesterday was the first time to be honest i got truly mad at the language. We were teaching one of our fake investigators who, whenever elder tucker opens up his mouth consistently interrupts him saying in spanish "por que quiere habla, usted esta muy terrible" over and over again so he just stopped talking, and i was talking pretty fast back to here, and eventually it turned into bible bashing which i did not want. She started saying we dont need profetas and the trinidad is gods way and pulling out tons of scriptures then i would pull out all the counter scriptures... I didnt not go good and by the end i just didnt know what some of the bigger words are and i got frustrated and left the discussion just mad. Didnt have the spirit with me all the night and studying was just hard. Its great though to have these kind of things before i even get out to the field. The mtc really does bring out real experiences, and the investigator we were teaching, she told me afterwards it is possible to convert her, because it was her story. She had gone to bible school, and the elders never gave up, so i'll figure it out eventually.

Anyways tell Tanner congratulations on stalling traffic, everyone does it.... but me... hahaha but that is pretty funny, when is he going to get his license so mom doesnt have to pick him up from work? Btw, i told christina to watch after him and show him the ropes at work, but now that shes gone im wondering what will go down.

Also i got all those packages you guys sent me, both from grandma and you, and thanks so much, i needed some snacks, i always get hungry right before bed so its way nice to have those. And btw, around here when fast sunday comes around its not that big of a deal, everyone fasts and no one is hungry because the food is terrible anyways hahaha.

Hey so make sure everyone while im here sends emails through so i dont have to use up what little time i have on the computer on reading them, but i gotta say it is really nice.

Also i hope mom is doing well at her job(s), haha thats pretty funny, i figured she would start playing solitaire. When i look back on it, i realize that most of my job at directv was spent playing solitaire hahaha.

Btw, on tuesday we had our devotional by Jay E Jensen of the presidency of the 70 and it was awesome. He was definitely inspired and you could feel the spirit the entire time. He did talk about, "not living off of others light" and said its important for each and every principle of the gospel you devolope your own testimony of. And specifically to Tanner, i challenge him to open up preach my gospel and start reading the lessons and to earnestly get on his knees and to pray to know if everything is true like i have and develope his own love for the gospel as well... I love you all and ill talk to you later.

Elder Smitheram


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