September 16, 2011

Hola mi familia favorita!
Este es una dia muy bien aqui! wow its been kind of a crazy week here, and even crazier because finally im starting to really understand spanish. Im almost completely transitioned over from reading the book of mormon in english to spanish and my scriptures are so marked up you have no idea. Its kinda funny, everyone in the class wants to use my scriptures when they teach their fake investigators because i bought tabs and marked all the really good scriptures in both the book of mormon and the bible by lesson.
Hey so this week was awesome, we had another general authority come, M. Russel Ballard come speak to us and it was great. Whats funny is without even looking up you can feel the spirit come into the room and then look up to see him there. By the way he gave an amazing talk and in it he talked about wilford woodruff struggling to get started on his mission, and he said he was just resting up against a barn when the prophet joseph smith walked by and said, ¨brother woodruff, bear these burdens on your shoulders and press forward¨, so lately that has been on modo around here. Bear it on your shoulders and press forward. He also said the most important thing we can learn on our missions is to learn how to ¨extend commitments and overcome objections¨, and then he looked at his wife and said, ¨it paid off for me¨... hahaha it was pretty funny, but he was a great guy and i learned a lot.
Also i have a new favorite church hymn that we basically sing at every fireside. Its ¨come thou font of every blessing¨. All three verses are just amazing and everyone whistles that everywhere we go.
Anyways this week marked a sad turning point for elder tucker and i. We finally received roomates. Most of the time around here you never are without roomates in your room, but tucker and i have had about 4 weeks now without them. It was kind of a shock when the finally came. Both are about 6'6'' and ones black the other is a red head and they're both going to bolivia. Pretty nice guys though, just really shy.... Anyways since tucker and i have had the room alone for the past forever and theres 2 sets of bunk beds, we've both always had the bottom bunks. Well now that they are here, we just keep quite and dont mention anything so they both took the two top ones.... hahaha hopefully that lasts for a while.
Anyways, its nice to get so many letters from everyone, for the first 4 days this week they were moving the mail center so no one got mail for 4 days, so last night elder tucker and i got a ton of letters it was great.
Btw, ummm sending mountain dew to a kid that doesnt drink soda is genius. Hahaha also, this place is kinda like rehab for a lot of people. A ton have lived off of caffine and now after being here dont know what to do, so if he does do that, hes not helping the detox part of it all hahahaha. Plus we were asked if we were tired on the second day, and were told, its called officially being a missionary.
Man i love p-days though, we always go to the temple and its just way relaxing to sit in the celestial room and just feel the spirit. The outside of the provo temple isnt that pretty, but the inside is gorgeous and thats all the matters...
Also tell grandmas letters are in the mail for them, grandma oj's is coming to our house i didn't have her address but that doesn't mean i dont love her, and also tell grandma and grandpa roper i love them too.
Anways my times up, pero yo quiero compartir my testimonio, yo se que este iglesia es verdadero y tambien nosotros tenemos una profeta hoy. Tambien, yo se que Jose Smith fue una profeta de dios y tambien vio dios y jesucristo. yo se que el libro de mormon tiene es una otra testamento de jesucristo. Le amo mi familia y tambien yo oro con dios para ustedes cada noche. Yo digo estes cosas en el nombre de jesucristo. Amen.


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