September 2, 2011

Hola mi familia favorita, como estan?
Wow its been kind of a crazy week here lately, but by far the best. This monday i was pretty frustrated with the language and my companion, but monday night i got down on my knees and sincerely prayed that things would turn around... Tuesday was going about just as normal and we went to devotional, and right before devotional started, the spirit entered the room like you wouldn't believe. Its hard to describe, but the next thing you know, Jeffery R. Holland walks in and sits down and the room goes dead silent and everyone stands. Most devotionals last for 30 minutes, but Jeffery Talked for 2 and a half hours and it was amazing! He talked about not tarnishing the image of missionaries and without sugar coating anything gave it to us straight. And stern as a prophet of god can be warned us about not living up to our full potential after missions. He talked about how missionaries come home and choose to do nothing with their lives or become inactive, and he said over and over again... "We DO NOT have the right to do so, because we have been warned by a prophet of god". It was a great devotional and after we had a district testimony meeting where the spirit was so strong. Tuesday really helped me get motivated and helped me really feel the spirit of the mtc. Since then, we committed our fake investigator to baptism and were the first to do so, i've read the scriptures all day long, back in forth verse by verse in english and spanish, and gained so much insight I never thought i'd see before, the MTC is great. Elder Tucker is progressing like crazy in spanish, and started to lead the discussions, of course he struggled, but i helped him out when he needed it.
Anyways i think the food is starting to get to me... lets be honest, its like having moms cafeteria mystery meat for every meal regardless of what they tell you it is.... My diet now consists of like cookies, soda, ice cream and salad... But hey its all good.
So as for spanish, its tough because we basically teach ourselves, but i've made some good friends with some of the older ones and learned some good spanish terms and learned how to speak a lot better. Its kinda funny, every wednesday when the new guys come in and speak no spanish everyone is really friendly and starts talking to them in spanish and saying stuff they dont know... The common one you hear is "bienvenidos mariposas", and the common response from the elders is "uhhh bueno".... its pretty funny.... Anyways lately in order to not go crazy from boredom and studying, we play the spoon game... Someone "borrows" a spoon from the cafeteria and without another elder knowing you stick it in his pocket.... im getting pretty good at spooning other elders, i managed to get 4 in elder tuckers pocket without him noticing hahaha.
Tell jordan thanks for the letter by the way, and tell him in the letter he forgot to mention how he hung out with christina hahaha. But let him know this is an awesome place, and the spirit here once you take it all in is hard to beat. Im so ready to go to mexico, jake ronneburg, austin gray, and jason smitheram all left at the beginning of this week so its basically michael rasband and i are all thats left. Tell jordan though to come to 13m 415 some night once hes here.
Anyways tell everyone i said hi, my p-days are officially on fridays and i only get a half hour to email which is pretty lame, so everyone else... (christina) i gotta write by hand, but make sure to just email me so i get it that night.
Btw, a few things i need.... Once again i need candy and snacks and stuff, but also my byu i gym shirt, a picture of my family....
Alright well i'll talk to you later and make sure to tell grandmas and grandpa i love them and am having an amazing time here and am just loving the spirit.
Tambien, yo quiero compartir mi testimonia. Este iglesia es la iglesia de dios y es la verdad. Nuestro padre celestial ama todos los personas en el mundo y cuando yo oro con mi padre, sento este es la verdad. Me amo my salvador con todo mi corazon, y yo se que la expiacion es por todos los personas en la tierra, y nosotros podemos limpios de los pecados. Yo se que Jose Smith es una profeta de dios, y yo se que Thomas S. Monson habla con dios para la iglesia. Me amo mi familia, y yo quiero usted ser fuerte. En el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.
Write me lots, and ill do my best to write back.
Elder Smitheram


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