Letter 4/29/2013

Familia y los demas! Wow... what a... horrible week... Honestly, it was probably the worst week of my entire mission. I guess everytime things start to head up, it always has to have its downs as well... Well lately ive been listening to some of the "teachings of Joseph Smith" talks and in it he said, "that everyone at some point in their life will have to go through a trial similar to that of Abraham"... Tuesday night we had actually just had a really good visit with a member training him to be a ward missionary, and we had also out of nowhere found like 9 pesos on the ground, (no big deal, just got us really happy about life for a second), when i looked down at the phone and there were 2 messages from the president. The first one said, "can you call me", and the second said "now"... Wow super nervous and walking down the street i called the president and it went a little something like this "Elder Smitheram, are you on speaker phone right now?", "no president", "alright, where are you at right now?", "on our way to a visit". (it was about 8 at night.) "Elder Smitheram, what im about to tell you, im saying so that you can have inspiration, so that you can help your companion. His father just passed away, so you need to help him the best you can.".... When i heard those words it hit me extemely hard... I started to cry, and my companion just stared at me. Then he asked to talk to my companion... I passed him the phone and all he said to me was "what did we do wrong?"... I watched him sit down, and i guess maybe he just kind of went into shock. After a few minutes the president hung up and we just kind of stared at everything around us. Then he told me that his father had gotten bronchitis and had passed away in a short time. He was only 56. After that the president gave him the option to go home or to stay. Hes only got this transfer left, but he decided to stay anyways. Its been tough though. Weve had some really good experiences this week. We are seeing a lot of people progress and hopefully we`ll be able to baptize a few this month, but everyday right now is a struggle. Every night hes been asking me if he should've gone or if he should stay. Apart from that, we've been seeing a lot of progress in the Raygoza Family, hopefully they'll get baptized this month and hopefully Fabiola and her family will as well... Last night were transfers and we were the only ones that stayed as companions, but im really glad that we are. He's inspiring me a lot, and even though he hasn't told anyone in the ward what happened, the spirit is with us a lot stronger and we now have more than 20 investigators. So many that we honestly have a lot of problems trying to teach them all every week, and on top of that I've been doing a lot of baptismal interviews for my district, so i think all of that has really helped us both stayed focused. We`ll see what happens but honestly, things are still going good, its just another trial right now. Also, sorry everyone, i was going to send some pics but i left my camera in my room, ill have to send them next week. I love and miss you all! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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