Letter 4/24/2013

Familia y los demas! Wow another super fast week that just flew by and honestly things are going really well... Elder Hernandez and I a.k.a (Los mas guapos), this week found two new familias! The first family is a reference that i got when i was working in the area Reforma in Guadalajara... (haha i know, i didnt get any references for them while i was there but i got some for me), and we went to go visit them this past friday and talked with them in front of their house... Honestly... They are a really good family. The husband and his wife are in the high 50s and their oldest is 20(and yes has two kids), the next oldest is 19(only has one kid) and the next is 12.... Its a family of 5, and this past friday they really liked our lesson, and we invited them to church and they said "we`ll see"... Well this sunday at the end of sacrament they showed up... They loved church, they loved gospel principals, and only the daughter thats 19 showed up with her son, but her son came out of primary and said "mom i like it here, they gave me cookies!"... hahaha But at the end of the gospel principals class the daughter asked me... "so how can someone know what the true church is and what do you have to do to get baptized...".... wow... im sure theyll be baptized pretty soon... The only family i still dont know... The other day we went with our recent converts, (alejandra and carlitos), and i talked to them about missionary work and she said that she needed another book of mormon because she gave her book of mormon to a friend and that friend is a single mom with her 4 kids.... YAY! Wow honestly we are having a ton of miracles and it feels great... So our ward mission leader is the bomb and he said this next month that all the wards in GDL but their baptismal goals for 2... and he reported 10, and said he`ll go with us every day if he needs to.... Very spritual guy and very intelligent... Also, we have a baptism planned for this Saturday... doubt itll go through... Her name is Viridiana (Viri), and shes living with the 1st councelor in the ward. Who also is an RM, who also just so happens to be the reason she probably wont get baptized... He keeps telling her that its too soon, that she doesnt know everything yet and things like that... So this sunday i kind of chewed him out... We`ll see what happens but i think for sure shell get baptized this month... Also we had our family home evening this week as a ward and only like 30 people were there but it was really good... We talked about the Atonement and i got up on the stage and Beto offered one by one a chocolate to everyone. If they said they wanted the chocolate he said "ok, but it does have a price" and then hed say something like 8 pushups elder smitheram.... So id do the pushups then theyd get the chocolate... So on and so forth... Then someone would feel bad and say "no thanks i dont want the chocolate", then beto would say... "ok well ill put the chocolate over here on the table, but it doesnt matter it still has a price" and id still have to do the pushups... It was a powerful lesson and everyone really liked it... que mas?.... um to be honest its been getting so hot here lately... Ill probably come home looking like a negrito but its all good... Well i love you all a ton and thanks for all the letters... It feels nice to know that even though i hit 20 months this week im not completely forgotten :) Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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