Letter 11/28/2011

Hola Familia!

Well i hope disney land was fun, and also, sorry to hear that dad is sick... I hope he starts getting better soon, but in the mean time, I'll keep praying for him.

Well to tell you a little about this week, im off the crutches and back to walking around. This week was ruff once again. We had 12 investigators say they would come to church this week, and zero showed up....Hooray... Its getting so frustrating with some of them. We have a family who is close to being baptized, and this week on thursday, we went to give the invitation and this is about how the conversation went...

Hola elderes! (translated) Elders good news, were going on a trip tonight at midnight and we get back on monday, can you pray for us? No elders, its a free trip from the government, theyre paying for everything!

What we found out was the government lately has been paying for people to go to tourist sites in mexico because right now tourism is down, so theyll just randomly show up at a walmart and give free tickets for trips to some random part of the country... ugh... bien raro si?

well, the other good news is im getting really good at giving talks in sacrament, and doing everything else... we started sacrament meeting yesterday with 3 ladies in the congregation, the bishop, and the ward secretary... elder buenvecino and i are the stars of this show...

We decided to change around our gameplan though... our ward is cold... we have zero support from members and no confidence from anyone... we have 260 people inactive and close to 30 now active.... our gameplan now is to reactivate the ward, and teach the people in each family who arent members... its extremely hard to do, but we have good hopes and we are trusting a lot in the lord.

Also btw, straight pig fat dipped in habenero sauce in a taco is not good for you stomach and still tastes awful and burns like you wouldnt believe... for close to a day...

Hey well tell mckenna i said hi and im glad shes doing good and liked disney land, and also tell madison i said hi too. Hope shes doing good in school... Also tell tanner to study preach my gospel, and get used to preaching on buses all day long... You wont find that section in there, but its something you need to learn to practice hahaha

Well i hope everyone is doing good, and enjoying life... Also dad, thanks for what you wrote, it really does help, lately the work around here has slowed down like crazy, so sometimes you just need a little pick me up, so thanks...

Well i dont have much time, so ill write you next week!

Hasta Luego!

Elder Smitheram


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