Letter 5/21/2013

Hola familia! Wow so what a cool week ive had. To be honest a lot of crazy experiences ill have to tell you all about after the mission in person, but some of which included yesterday getting to listen to D. Todd Christopherson... Wow that was awesome. To be honest it was really interesting to listen to him, because he speaks perfect spanish and him and his wife gave some really good talks about the "true" purpose of missionaries and how one can really "work for the lord". Also, this past week we had planned a baptism for Beto, but... well it fell through for some problems that he had in the past. The elder that did the interview didnt listen to the spirit very well, but the president after did an interview with him on sunday and told us all was well for this week to baptize him, so we are pretty excited for that. Also we have a pair of brothers that are going to get baptized, just some kids, one of them is named Ian and the other Byron. But the better story comes from their mom who we just talked to this morning. She told us she wanted to pray to know if our message was true that we were teaching her kids was something that would help them. And told us this morning that she prayed and had a dream that her aunt that had died visited her in her dream and she asked her aunt if she should, and her aunt said something along the lines of not only she should follow what we were teaching, but that she needed to get baptized and soon as possible for the salvation of them both... So this morning, we told her that she just needs to get married and go to church, and she too can get baptized... very special, very spiritual... Tell grandma I said hi... man this week was pretty crazy though... the other day a guy in my ward that rents suits told me that he'd give me a suit, so that was cool. A pretty gray one... he told me though, hes like, "i still need to hem the pants, so i'll have you bring it over to my mother in laws house, and if you want to drop by there later to pick it up you can"... so i did... She live's on the corner of a street and right as we get to the corner going to cross the street, i heard about 5 gunshots and looked to the right and about a block down i saw a bald guy with levis and a tank top running... Next thing you know everyone starts shouting, "they shot "kio", they shot him"... So i ran down there to see if i could do anything to help, and when i got there it was bad... He had taken to bullets to the left lung and one to the side of the head, and someone was giving him CPR, but he was clearly dead because his brain was exposed and there was no pulse... Kind of crazy... But don't worry, the ambulance got there 35 minutes late, and we got out of there before police questioned anyone, but it was pretty messed up to say the least. My companion is kind of still in shock from it, apparently he didn't play enough violent video games as a kid, and apart from that he doesn't want to be a doctor like me, so it was pretty bad for him... but otherwise... on the bright side of things I have a new suit! Apart from all that, all go well... I miss you all a ton and cant wait to send you some baptismal photos. Les amo, Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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