Letter 5/28/2012

Hola Familia! Well first off, thanks for writing me, and this week was really great.... Honestly, it was nice to have another baptism, its been about a month... His name is Ian, and i think i told you a little about him, but it really was a very spiritual baptism we had with him... His uncle is the bishop and he baptized him, but more than that, it looked like a family reunion there, and almost everyone wasnt a member... The wife of the bishop who isnt normally very spiritual or nice, got up and bore her testimony to everyone saying that Ian taking this step was an example for everyone else to change their lives, and the spirit was really strong and all of the family was crying... I was pretty proud of the "obispa", (ask tyler on that one), and it really did feel good to see everyone wanting something better for their lives... Well I dont know what happened, but something just clicked in our area... I decided to just walk around our area, (which is about the distance of the church to ann morrison park), and just talked to everyone... Wow, honestly, i feel like this area is really going to have some success... I knocked on a shanty and a family of about 15 came out, and they told us to come visit them tomorrow, and were genuinely happy to see us... They honestly are really humble, and im hoping right now is their time... Only one problem... They are is "testigo" territory... The Testigos de Jehova, (Jehovas Whitness) have their church right in front of them and they just shout things the whole time when we are there... They also came up when we were first got their to try and make us look bad, but luckily the spirit is a lot stronger, and i helped them understand a few flaws in their doctrine and they left us alone... Anyways, not really any news here... A lot more military and the federal police are getting mobilized here, not quite sure why, but who knows whats gonna happen... Also i got a little taste of the rain thats going to be coming last night, and to be honest, this rain isnt normal, its a ton, and its soooo cold... Well hey i love you all a ton, and im hoping either this week or next week im gonna baptize a really cool couple named Enrique and Ireri.... Tell kaydawn and brian I said hi! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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