Letter 4/9/12

Familia y otras! Well this week was a really amazing week for me... We officially baptized the whole family of the girls we've been baptizing.... The mom was the last one to join in on the fun... I got to baptize her and I kid you not, we were in the water for about 15 min trying to baptize her.... Shes not just a big lady, shes big.... She couldn't bend her knees, so i kept trying to dunk her, but she just fell backwards...then we put a chair in the water and she sat in it and the idea was just to lean forward, but her back didnt go all the way under... Then she sat down in the water without the chair and it was up to her neck,so it was perfect... so i ended up baptizing her sitting down in thewater... Then it occured to me, maybe thats why the catholics just throw a little water on the people, its a lot easier hahaha.... But honestly, afterwards it was something really special... The spirit was strong and the bishop just kept saying, "i cant wait to see this family sealed in the temple"...

Well for those who were wondering, yes i did get transfered.... It was crazy... I got sent about 4 hours away to a place called Morelia,Michoacan.... Morelia is the city... I think my ward name translated is called "stadium", because we have a HUGE soccer stadium right in the middle of our area... My companion is a shy mexican guy, and I'm now the senior companion here... His name is Elder Berdejo and all i know is hes from some little town way down south in mexico... But he does seem really nice... Well not much else has really gone on... Elder Santos and I ended updoing pretty good in the end, with 11 bpatisms in 12 weeks.... I'm really am going to miss him, hes a pretty cool guy... He's from Oaxaca,the same place Easton Trejo is in right now.... also i found out it's pronounced, "wuh-haw-ka"... Alright well take care everyone and i'll write you all next week withthe results of this ward! Elder Smitheram


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February 23, 2013

<br>February 23, 2013

Elder Smitheram and his companion and one of their more recent baptisms.


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