Letter 11/7/2011

Que Pasa!

Wow this week has been crazy! Weve been teaching a ton and having tons of appointments! I dont have more than 5 minutes to type because we are already late for the day because we decided to go to downtown guadalajara and go check it out, but let me just say its amazing!!! Theres millions of people and ive been taking pictures like crazy, but before i go i just wanted to say thanks for all the letters. A couple stories real fast.

So my companion, Elder Buenvecino, and I got on a bus and he said something to the bus driver, (now mind you buses are crazy because theres no lines on the road and no speed limit and they´re all manual transmission so the have to be), and he stood up in front of the bus of tons of people and said "somos missioneros de la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias, me llamo elder buenvecino y este es mi compa├▒ero elder smitheram, el hablar├í sobre la iglesia por ustedes".... (TRANSLATION: We are Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, My name is Elder buenvecino, and this is my companion elder Smitheram, and He will speak about our church for you")....so in front of like tons of people i gave a little of the first lesson in spanish and then we got a ton of referrals...

Also yesterday, (sunday), we went knocking on doors and EVERY lets you in (otherwise they think they´ll get bad karma), but one guy was interested... then the conversation progressed.... it was clear to see he was a Jehovas Witness Pastor, and started going off about the real name of god and all sorts of other stuff... But heres the kicker, we simply bore our testimonies and basically said just pray about our message with the intention of learning more.... He said he would and then he said, something along the lines in english that Satan answers prayers and is just like god.... Satan answers his prayers? Hmmm, Jehovas Witnesses are just a little off.... My companion just looked at me and in english said "ya, its time to go"...

Also it was great to see, Fransico, one of our investigators is now having his entire family listen to our message! Wow its amazing, its just horrible and breaks my heart that paquito, his son, has lukemia... Medication cost 15000 pesos, or close to 1500$ american every 3 weeks for him... Hes used up all of his savings in 2 months and now the hospital is paying for it... its just sad... But weve been fasting and praying every day for him and we gave him a blessing... A miracle did happen though... Paquito isnt healed, but the doctor said by 1 year if it gets better itll all be gone, also even better, the true miracle is Franciso is seeing his sons illness as a blessing and its changed everything for him... hes finally trusting in the lord along with his wife and its great to see....

About my companion... Elder Buenvecino is a great guy... I wish i could tell you more about him but to be honest, i dont understand him... Hahahaha i seriously dont know what language they taught me in the MTC but it sure isnt this one... Hes been out for 21 months i think and is a native from Vera Cruz... Hes just the friendliest guy and you can tell just a little worn out from his mission... I have decided one thing though... For true mexican people, being on time isnt a big deal... Everyones late to everything! For Sacrament, we had like 20 people show up, including our investigators, i was basically told i had to give a talk and say the prayer for fast and testimony meeting! hahaha im getting used to it though... I feel like people just nod their heads whenever i talk because im pretty sure i dont even know what im saying!

Hey well i gotta go, Love everyone tons and keep me in your prayers along with my investigators!

Sale y vale

haha its an expression here, might not make sense in google translator...

Elder Smitheram

PS- hey also tell people to write me through dear elder still, family can write me through my email, but i can only email family. I will have to send letters to everyone else... love ya


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